Deconstructing Demeaning Words in Social Protection in Kenya. Changing the River Flow?

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Social Protection and HIV–Creating the Link

Introduction Social Protection (SP) is defined differently by different Social Protection actors, depending on their areas of emphasis, targeting methods, or outcomes sought. The African Platform for Social Protection (APSP) defines Social Protection as a set of policies and programmes designed and implemented by the state and other stakeholders to reduce poverty and vulnerability by Continue Reading

Deconstructing Demeaning Words in Social Protection in Kenya. Changing the River Flow?

Social protection has been initially implemented as welfarist support to poor people especially in Europe, however   in the past decade; Social protection has grown across countries in Africa, with positive impact on a range of wellbeing indicators. The Kenya Constitution recognizes Social Protection and related measures that safeguard the citizens from shocks and potential to Continue Reading

Grassroots Participation in Social Protection Programmes by the State: Lessons Learnt from five Pilots in Africa (APSP and Partners)


Social Protection (SP) as a tool to fight poverty and ensure inclusive growth is gaining increasing acceptance in Africa and the world. Actors in SP such as the APSP, the International Labour Organization (ILO), UNICEF, the World Bank and the African Union define SP differently depending on their areas of emphasis, targeting methods or outcomes sought. But there is a common theme that runs through all these definitions: SP aims to provide a basic level of support to the most vulnerable members of society in order to cushion them from shocks resulting from economic downturns, droughts or rise in food prices.

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